Kevin Nash elaborates as to why he retired from pro wrestling

Kevin Nash’s injury problems are well documented, yet he was able to prolong his career till the age of 58. The wrestler has had numerous surgeries on his knee which he elucidated with a series of tweets.



Nash, who last wrestled in 2018, claimed that he is in the best physical condition since 1986 owing to stem cell therapies and a knee replacement. The former WWE star stated that he had to retire because he essentially became crippled which required the knee replacement along with rehab of 2 years. Check out what Nash had to say right below in his tweets.

“How after wrestling once in 2 years as a favor is it news I’m retired?” Nast wrote. “I had a knee replacement and stem cell therapy to heal my wounds. Now I’m in the best physical shape as far as function than I’ve been since 1986 when I destroyed my right knee. I worked 29 years on one leg.”

“The reason I retired was I was deformed and basically crippled. This knee replacement and 2 years of rehab and training has been brutal. Just get my hips to realign was incredibly painful. To the haters f*ck off To those that have championed my recovery I send my thanks and love.”

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