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Kevin Nash on why his feud with CM Punk didn’t happen

CM Punk and Kevin Nash had a nice little thing going which had some promise but nothing really materialized out of the situation. If it would have happened, this feud might have been one for the record books leaving many fans wanting more from the man formally known as Diesel.

Kevin Nash recently appeared on X-Pac’s 1,2,360 podcast where he went into some detail about why his feud with CM Punk never came to fruition.

“I don’t know if they (WWE) wanted it to happen. When I came back… I had never been there when it was “this is your script and you have to follow it.” So I get there (WWE) and I’m reading his lines and he’s burying me and I have no rebuttals… It’s one of those situations and you know Paul (Triple H) is one of my best friends on earth… I would’ve liked to see what he (CM Punk) would’ve done if I would’ve just went up there and just bear pawed him in the face. But Paul (Triple H) was the boss.”

  • Arnold Jackson

    Nash meant that more as go off script and verbally go after him during a promo (much like Cena can get away with doing) and not actually physically punch him in the face.

  • CC

    I tell you what would have happened if you punched him in the face. You probably would have torn all the muscles in your arm and fell to the mat and cried like a baby.

    Kevin Nash, the only wrestler who can injure himself just walking.