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Why Kevin Nash Was “Released”, The Miz Appears at Boxing Press Event, Keibler

– CNN ran an article today titled, “George Clooney, Stacey Keibler are still dating.”

– WWE Superstar The Miz was introduced today at the press event in Beverly Hills for the Pacquiao vs. Marquez boxing match. Miz posed with the two fighters as Pacquiao held up one of Miz’s t-shirts. The Miz is said to be a big boxing fan.

– As noted before, Kevin Nash’s “release” that was announced earlier today is all part of what’s happening on TV. The release was announced to play off the major deal that John Laurinaitis signed Nash to on RAW.

The reason for Nash’s exit from the WWE storylines is because Nash has booked a movie role, likely the same one that he is dieting for. Word is that the people behind the movie didn’t want to insure Nash for filming while he was working as a pro wrestler. Nash will likely stay gone until he is done filming the movie. No word yet if this will affect any of his independent dates.

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  • italia911

    Colt Cabana who ??? seriously i am a big wrestling fan but colt cabana was only big in indy wrestling, he doesn’t impress at all !!!

  • Dave

    Colt Cabana was in WWE for a while. He was Scotty Goldman. And was just used as a jobber for a few months. Yet in that time, he really showed he could perform on a big stage, and he was superb on the mic. Had he been used better in the storylines rather than just being out there to make far less talented people look good. He could have gone on to be much more in the WWE. And hopefully he will get another chance to show what he can do to a worldwide audience.

  • Bobby

    Man the hole CM Punk thing is dead boring now, Nash coming into things had me real interested, but then they just change the match.. make hhh vs punk at the end of the show when no1 cared.. no Nash is gone. WWE botches it again, for the first time since 2002 I was interested again.

    Hopefully Nash returns later then my viewing might.

  • JOE

    @lazlo people where bitching for what two days , four days max?!?!? After that nobody gave a fuck about colt!! I swear people on here have an unhealthy obsession with cm punk. I bet if cm punk said the wwe should bring back matt hardy people on here would be saying that shit too.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Colt Cabana has something that guys like Otunga and Khali don’t have… it’s called… say it with me fellas… WRESTLING TALENT!!!

  • hjk

    @lazlo… a couple of years back you just said it… now days no one care about him… i´ll prefer some one like anyone but colt cabana to save punk if someone inteferes the match

  • FLOCKA!!!

    I thought Colt Cabana was in JCW?

  • lazlo woodbine

    That’s not true, there was a healthy amount of bitching on this site when he got released a couple of years back.

  • phoenix

    Why does everybody want Colt Cabana to come back i mean no body even cared about him until punk mentioned him.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    If Nash doesn’t interfere i won’t be surprised if someone else does. Also i can see guys like Colt Cabana coming to save Punk if someone inteferes on behalf of Triple H.