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Kevin Nash wants to Return as Dolph Ziggler’s Diesel

In a recent interview on Vince Russo’s podcast, Kevin Nash recently expressed his desire to return to the WWE as Dolph Ziggler’s Diesel after comparing Ziggler to WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels:

“People always say would you ever come back to wrestling and I say to myself I’d come back and be [Dolph] Ziggler’s Diesel because that’s all he needs,” Nash said (h/t to Wrestling Inc. reader BAH GAWD for the transcription). “Number one, he’s not a face. Ziggler is a heel and I wouldn’t have to say a word because he can talk. I’ve already had mine. But for the bigger guys, he needs somebody to stomp them. He does the same thing Shawn [Michaels] did. He takes every bump in the world. He takes every beating from the guys and then usually they beat him. But to me, his in ring performance is as good as anybody’s in the business right now. He works so hard.

“I’d like to teach him the little things that Shawn learned. Yeah, he can fly back on every bump but every third one is kind of nice to take a punch and bounce off the ropes. I mean, the ropes are there for a reason.”

  • Seth Becker

    Cass would have been good

  • Mister Who

    Funny I thought Dolph reminds me of Billy Gunn

  • D2K

    ^ This.

  • CC

    They already did this gimmick with Dolph during his heel days as champion (remember Big E Langston as his body guard?). Doing this again would just be going backwards.
    All WWE needs to do with Ziggler is let him be himself and give him a bloody push. No body guard crap.

  • Solid Snake

    Thank you, id like this. stop pushing superstars down our mouths that we dont want.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Bring him in… it would make for a most excellent storyline.

  • D2K

    Why does it seem like Dolph Ziggler’s career is going backwards?

  • Yo

    That would be really great or Dolph Ziggler if not Kevin Nash another Superstar of his size in that role especially with the draft now could finally make dolph a top star