Kevin Owens Breaks Silence On WWE Burial

WWE star Kevin Owens had been teasing a potential move to AEW recently. His WWE contract is also running out in January next. Recently he has been jobbing out to Happy Corbin and it could be a possibility that is happening because he might be leaving the company soon. Some fans also believe that he is unhappy in WWE. Shane McMahon Phone Call To Fired WWE Name Leaks



Kevin Owen indicates being unhappy

One fan tweeted out to say, “When you create a narrative you’ll see it everywhere you look.” This was in response to another tweet that said, “Kevin Owens looks more miserable each time we see him.”

The former WWE Universal Champion did not openly reply to this tweet, but he did like the reply. It seems that he agrees with the idea that he is currently unhappy with the creative direction. He had also sent out coordinates to Mt. Rushmore which is the name of the stable he was part of and it comprised of The Young Bucks and Adam Cole. This had also led to some speculations about his move to AEW. He has not been offered an AEW deal but we will see if he is eventually approached for a deal.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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