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Kevin Owens expected to undergo major character change before imminent return

During the latest episode of Raw, Kevin Owens cut a promo and revealed that he is almost a month away from making his return to WWE Programming.

However, some latest report suggests that Owens won’t be returning with his previous persona and he will be undergoing some major character change before his comeback.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Owens, who has mostly worked as a heel during his time on the main roster is expected to work as a babyface upon his return.

Meltzer explained his persona to be the anti Mr Perfect, with the idea being that Owens is a clumsy everyday guy, resembling the people you meet in your daily life.

Whether or not this face turn will work out in WWE’s favor will be revealed in near future but one thing is sure that seeing Kevin as a babyface will be a new experience for fans.

  • Matt

    So basically use the dusty roads gimmick minus the polka dot outfit?

  • Griffin

    One of the dumbest gimmick changes ever. Why not just turn off the arrogance and just display confidence and heart? But that isn’t good enough for television..


    First of all, take what Dave Meltzer says with a grain of salt. Anyone can make that assumption based on the video we saw in the bowling alley. Kevin Owens can get over as a baby face the way he is. He is a witty, trash talking guy that beats people up. Why complicate that? There is no reason to change him. He will already get a huge reaction when he returns. If they open up his life a little on WWE TV, that isn’t a bad thing. Show he is a family guy (which he is), show he is a normal person (which he is), those are not bad attributes. But if they take away his trash talk and aggression….I just don’t see that working. One of the problems with WWE is they take what is simple and try to make it complicated. That’s just my opinion.

  • Darrin Tyler

    If that’s it…then he’s done.