Kevin Owens Rips AEW Star With Steve Austin Photo

Kevin Owens appeared to go after CM Punk for his AEW All Out media scrum meltdown in a new tweet, simply posting a photo of himself main eventing WrestleMania with Steve Austin, something CM Punk dreamed of but was never able to do.



CM Punk became the new AEW Champion in the main event, but the action didn’t stop there. The action continued over AEW All Out’s Media Scrum, where Punk blasted Colt Cabana and Hangman Page and even took a jibe at The Young Bucks. He called them so-called EVPs.

The new champion got asked about his shoot promo on Hangman Page. He didn’t mince his words and talked about how Page called on Cabana, and The Young Bucks also stood for Cabana backstage. It’s shocking since AEW President couldn’t say anything in front of the new champion and was constantly interrupted by Punk.

Punk went on another shoot conversation about Colt Cabana and how he has receipts for every payment he made. He has information on every money he spent on Cabana. Punk made it clear that he has emails from Cabana where he wrote that they can go their separate ways. The legal aspect was also mentioned over email.

Punk didn’t stop there and went all out over Page, who had nothing to do with the situation. Despite no knowledge of the situation, he tried to bring things to the public. Punk was annoyed at The Young Bucks, who tried to play babyface for Cabana when as an EVP, they should have looked and known the context of the situation before commenting.

The new champion isn’t leaving anyone who messes with him on this matter. The media scrum sounded more like Punk’s rant, and the fans called him a crybaby on Twitter.

Do you think Punk did the right thing by talking about such things when he could have discussed something else? Chime in.

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