Edge Painful Health Bombshell Revealed

EER announced today on The Bump that Edge has a grade 2 MCL sprain, which means he will be off TV for a while. The Judgment Day attacked Edge on Monday’s Raw.



With Edge out, a new top face has emerged. Kevin Owens is a top-tier superstar that hasn’t had his moment since he returned. The WWE superstar recently got some valuable TV time when he tried to talk some sense into his friend Sami Zayn. He told Zayn that The Bloodline was using him. While it didn’t change anything for Zayn, Kevin Owens’ status inside the WWE roster may have changed following his promo on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

The Prizefighter got into a heated argument with Theory, who first attacked Johnny Gargano at the entrance ramp from behind using his Money in the Bank briefcase. It happened after Gargano beat Chad Gable in a match where Gable replaced Theory. Theory then decided to get on the mic and talk about how he helped the WWE Universe and attacked Gargano. Owens cut his promo and decided to state facts to the former chosen one by Vince McMahon.

The former NXT Champion said some hard-hitting words before getting into a fistfight. The altercation led to Theory getting busted in the nose. Kevin Owens received praise for his promo, and after the promos in recent memory, it’s clear that Owens is a babyface.

The change has occurred internally, and Kevin got listed as a babyface. He is an individual who can do both characters with ease. The fans speculate that Sami will understand Owens’ words sooner than later, and the two will come together to take off the tag team titles from The Usos. It would be an exciting turn of an event because Sami has been trying to fit in The Bloodline.

Solo Siko recently updated his Facebook cover photo where he put everyone in the picture barring Zayn. Owens can use that as a method to get Zayn back on track. Sami is talented and had expressed his discomfort over not getting quality storylines. Things may change as the new regime has got something for everyone.

Would you be interested in a storyline involving Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens as a tag team? Sound off in the comments.

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