Kevin Owens talks about his relationship with Sami Zayn

As seen this past Sunday night, Sami Zayn unexpectedly helped Kevin Owens to win the Hell In a Cell match against Shane McMahon. Before this event took place, Owens had an interview with In This Corner podcast and he had some interesting comments for Zayn.



In the shoot interview, Owens said that Sami is more like his brother because their strong bound is not something they chose but it’s just how it turned out to be:

“I would say that we are more like brothers than we are friends because we don’t choose our relatives, or who your brother and sister are; you don’t choose your family. You are born into your family, and in this case we weren’t born into each other’s family, but from the start of our careers when we started wrestling, people just started booking us together all the time, which wasn’t our choice, and it just snowballed from there into where we are now.”

Commenting on his best friend’s limited position on the main roster, Kevin said that he will get a bigger role eventually:

“I’m not saying Sami doesn’t deserve a bigger role; I’m saying Sami will get a bigger role eventually. I think everyone deserves a bigger role, but I don’t think that is being taken away from them on purpose, and I believe everyone will get what they will get, which is what I believe.”

After the latest turn of events on Hell In a Cell, it’d be interesting to see where the Kevin Owens- Sami Zayn saga heads to next.

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