Kevin Owens teasing move to NXT after being fired from SmackDown

Kevin Owens got fired from SmackDown Live in the main event segment this week and he is now teasing a move to the Black and Yellow brand of WWE, NXT.



The former Champion made a tweet after this week’s episode of SmackDown Live which featured some numbers. The tweet as seen below features the numbers  “14-24-20” which make NXT when replaced with their corresponding letters in the alphabet:

This realization has started many rumors and there are some who believe that the former NXT Star might be returning to the brand for another run soon.

Kevin Owens was the special guest referee for the King Of The Ring semi-finals match between Chad Gable and Shane McMahon on this week’s SmackDown Live.

Shane wanted Owens to help him win the match but the former Universal Champion did not obey his orders and after Gable won the match, Shane fired the former NXT Champion.

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