Kevin Owens WrestleMania 37 Promo ‘Botched’

Kevin Owens was a poor victim of circumstance during night one at WWE WrestleMania 37. Poor weather conditions have threatened the two-night event all evening and while the event has gone on within the first half hour, this is still a fluid development that is being monitored as the show progresses. During the initial weather delay, Kevin Owens was being interviewed about his night two matchup against long time rival, Sami Zayn. It was during this interview where there were extreme technical difficulties and the microphone went out for a good portion of the promo. Did Kevin Owens ‘spoil’ this WrestleMania 37 match?



In other news revolving Kevin Owens, the former WWE Universal Champion talked with Robbie Fox of “My Mom’s Basement” about missing WrestleMania 35, a show that he wanted to be on. Credit to Fightful for the following transcription.

“There was a storyline prepared and an idea. It went a different way for an extremely good reason, I couldn’t have agreed more and it was the right move, but at the same time I was like, ‘What am I going to do?’ They didn’t know where to put me. There were still several weeks until WrestleMania, ‘Well, let’s just make something up.’ It just didn’t happen. As it was getting closer to the show, there was more disbelief. ‘I’m really not going to be on WrestleMania?’

I thought, maybe that night — Alexa Bliss was the host, maybe I could do something with her like a Kevin Owens Show. At least I’d be there. I didn’t want to be in the Andre Battle Royal and I had talked to Vince about it and he told me he didn’t feel it was the right spot for me. Once he told me that, okay, fine. I still thought doing something on the show would’ve been fun. Just have me go in there and stun someone, for whatever reason. Do something with Alexa. For whatever reason, nothing was connecting with them.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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