Khabib Accused Of Cheating In Video

Khabib Nurmagomeodv has made it very clear that no matter how much he is begged and pleaded to return to the octagon by Dana White and the fans that he would not be doing so. It should be noted, however, that Khabib has been seen recently possibly getting back into his old routine. Khabib looks to be doing so well that some would even say that he’s cheating by how easy he makes it all look. That’s also exactly what happened…Ronda Rousey Makes Emotional Drug Claim.



Khabib Nurmagomedov and his coach Javier Mendez shared a great bond which is often only shown of ‘The Eagle’ if uploaded by Mendez. In a recent video uploaded to Instagram, Javier Mendez accused Khabib of cheating during a training session as ‘The Eagle’ used some help. Khabib, of course, denied the allegations.

In the video, coach Javier Mendez is seen driving alongside his fighters, who are all running except for Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is on a bicycle. As Mendez pulled up next to Khabib riding his bike, he said:

“Look at this coach, cheater. Cheater coach. He is a cheater. Cheater ride there, riding a bike. You think you are a coach now? Why are you riding a bike?”

As we go from the feel good moments to the sad ones, we must shed some light on a recent post by Khabib.

Khabib Nurmagomeodv took to Instagram to post up a very heartfelt video showcasing his father. The text on the post has been translated, so please forgive anything sounding a bit out of place.

The following was stated on the post: “Today is already a year since the Father is not with us. This event increased my conviction that nothing in this world belongs to us, neither our children, nor our parents, nor our property. All we have is all temporary. Everything belongs to Allah alone and to Him will be our return, tie your hearts to Allah, stay more alone with Him, because the time will come and we will all be put in a grave, where we will be alone, where our friends, relatives, property and our connections will not be, only our deeds and report.”

We send our deepest thoughts out to Khabib Nurmagomeodv and a special thanks to SHERDOG for the transcription and translation. Also, special thanks to Sportskeeda.

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