Kid Rock Asks Eddie Vedder To His Face If…

WWE Hall of Famer and popular musician Kid Rock recently took a shot at Ticketmaster for having too much of control over ticket sales in a recent chat with Theo Von. Though he’s all for capitalism, the singer believes that there’s a need to keep the company’s fees in check via Rock Celebrities.



Kid Rock recently shared that he reached out to Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder to work together on this issue. He said:

“I just saw Eddie Vedder recently at an event, and Pearl Jam was the first people that really went down this rabbit hole. And I just talked to him briefly. I was like, ‘Hey, I’m kind of going down that rabbit hole again.’ If you wanna get on board…’ ‘Cause this needs to be – You know, he’s obviously liberal and you know where my politics stand but I go, ‘This is something where I think we can get together on.’ Because we’re doing this for the people. For fans. Try to make things better, you know.”

Ticketmaster caught a lot of flak in 2022 because some tickets for Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band’s tour were sold for more than $5,000 due to their surge pricing.

The company responded to the backlash by saying that less than 1.3% of tickets sold were priced over $1,000. But fans and artists kept criticizing its monopolistic pricing strategies to this day.

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