Kid Rock Brutally Goes After Female Fox Host

Kid Rock made an appearance on Newsmax, delivering a message to podcaster Megyn Kelly with a confident “You’re welcome” for the media coverage of her recent comments about Bud Light. The exchange took place during a segment with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling, where Kid Rock touched upon various topics, expressing his strong admiration for former President Donald Trump.



However, Bolling took issue with Kid Rock’s decision to end his boycott of Bud Light, playing a clip of Kelly’s show where she expressed disappointment in Kid Rock and Dana White for abandoning the boycott. Kelly asserted that Kid Rock and White did not speak for all conservatives and criticized Bud Light’s partnership with someone who “mocks women,” referring to Dylan Mulvaney. She questioned who at Bud Light believed that people would follow Kid Rock’s lead.

In response, Kid Rock defended his decision, emphasizing that neither he nor Dana White claimed to speak for all conservatives. He explained that he had already conveyed his disapproval of Bud Light’s actions and did not want to continue attacking a company that had acknowledged its mistake. Kid Rock also cautioned Kelly about throwing stones in glass houses, referencing her departure from Fox News and subsequent challenges at NBC.

Kid Rock urged for more open discussions, expressing the need for people with different opinions to find common ground. He also placed some blame on the media for deepening political divides, emphasizing the importance of bridging gaps and understanding diverse perspectives.

In a cheeky turn, Kid Rock concluded with a lighthearted “You’re welcome, Megyn,” suggesting that his outspokenness might actually benefit her in the media landscape. The exchange highlights the complexities of navigating differing opinions within conservative circles and the role of media in shaping public discourse.

This is like the only successful boycott that Republicans have ever engaged in. It’s the only time they’ve stuck together and actually been heard. And because Kid Rock and Dana White want to give it up, we’re supposed to all surrender our principles now. And I like Kid Rock. I actually do. I like the guy, but he’s wrong. He can do what he wants. If he wants to drink a Bud Light, he can.

He does not speak for the rest of us! Many of us are still deeply offended by that brand’s partnership with the person who makes his living mocking women, Dylan Mulvaney. Not to mention what they said about their core audience and customer base, which is that they’ve “gotten too fratty and they want to get away from them.” Like… Just be… Who? Who at Bud Light thinks that we do what Kid Rock tells us to?

Well, first of all, first off, I love Megyn. We’ve been friends for a long time, but she’s got this one wrong. Saying me and Dana don’t speak for conservatives, neither one of us ever said we did. You know, I explained myself before on another program about Bud Light. I’m pretty sure they got the message. Do I agree with what they did? F no! And we held their head under water for quite some time and we heard them.

But, you know, I’m not someone to keep punching somebody when they’re down, when there’s a whole lot more companies deserving of this treatment. And, you know, and Dana has told me specifically as a very good friend of mine about, you know, the things they’ve done through the years with Folds of Honor. So has Lieutenant Colonel Dan Rooney, for that matter, and countless other things. And I’m like, I get it. They made a mistake. All right. I don’t need to kill him.

But Megyn ought to be careful when she’s throwing stones in glass houses, because I told her way back in the day, you both were on a familiar network. She could have been king of Fox News. But they dangled that shiny carrot in front of her, and for whatever reason, whether it was money, maybe she wanted more mainstream success.

She goes to NBC and what happened at NBC? She still is as conservative as she ever was over there. And NBC didn’t like that, so what did they do? They threw her out like a redheaded stepchild. So careful, Megyn. We’re all on the same team here. Just because I have different beliefs than you.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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