Kimberly Guilfoyle Direct Message To Ivanka Trump Leaks

It seems that while there may be drama and tension within the Trump family, Ivanka Trump is keeping a cool and collected demeanor away from it all. She recently shared a photo on Instagram, showcasing her outfit for Game 3, wearing a white cropped off-the-shoulder top and matching skirt on her scenic Florida balcony.



The post received adoration from her supporters, including a compliment from Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is engaged to Ivanka’s brother, Donald Trump Jr. This comes as a surprise, as it has been reported that Ivanka and Kimberly have not always seen eye-to-eye. There have been claims that Ivanka doesn’t trust Kimberly and sees her as a social climber desperate to marry into the family. Allegedly, tensions arose when Kimberly tried to stand out at Tiffany Trump’s wedding by wearing black when the dress code called for pastel hues.

“Bringing the heat for Game 3!🏀🤍⚡️❤️‍🔥🔥🌴#WhiteHotPlayoffs #WhiteHotHeat @MiamiHeat #Playoffs,” she captioned the shot, which received a ton of adoration from supporters, most notably, brother Donald Trump Jr.‘s fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

“Gorgeous! ❤️🔥” commented the former lawyer.

There were even reports that Ivanka cropped Kimberly out of wedding photos on Instagram as a form of retaliation, though she later deleted the post and shared photos that included her future sister-in-law. However, according to insiders, the damage had already been done.

The tension between Ivanka and Kimberly may also be influenced by Ivanka’s close relationship with Donald Jr.’s ex-wife, Vanessa Trump. Ivanka reportedly “loves” Vanessa, and there was hope for a reconciliation between her and Donald Jr., but Kimberly allegedly put a stop to it.

On top of that, Ivanka’s decision to step away from politics and focus on raising her family in Miami has reportedly strained her relationship with Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. According to insiders, the rest of the Trump family has declared Ivanka persona non grata as a result.

Despite the reported drama and tensions within the family, Ivanka Trump appears to be maintaining a composed and calm demeanor in public.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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