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King Barrett Vows To Teach Stephen Amell A Lesson

King Barrett spoke with Zap2it during a WWE 2K16 event. He discussed his match tonight (Aug. 23, 2015) at SummerSlam. Barrett will team with Stardust to take on Neville and “Arrow” star Stephen Amell.

While Barrett gave Amell his due, he still says the actor is in for a rude awakening:

On An Outsider Getting A Match At SummerSlam:

“I think it’s something that’s pretty unique. The fact that he’s managed to get himself into one of the highest profile shows of the year, he’s never trained as a wrestler, he’s never been involved in wrestling before. He’s simply a fan who jumped over the barrier and attacked a WWE superstar. Somehow in their infinite wisdom, the idiotic management of WWE have allowed this guy to have a match.”

On What He’ll Do To Amell Inside The Ring:

“I think it’s a great idea to put him in the ring with me because I’m gonna teach him a lesson. I’m gonna teach him the fact that in WWE, there are no second takes. He’s gonna taste some pain firsthand and it’s gonna be the biggest mistake of his career.”

On Why Amell Is Making A Mistake:

“His one chance is the fact that he’s tagging with Neville. Neville’s a great superstar, but Neville can’t do it on his own. Stephen Amell’s a great athlete, (he) obviously has a lot of confidence in himself, but he’s made a huge mistake. He can’t just get in there and do what we do, he’s made the biggest mistake of his life.”