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King Of The Ring graphic botched on RAW

The King Of The Ring was reintroduced by the WWE a few weeks back. With the brackets announced as well, the first phase to determine the quarterfinalists of the tournament went underway this week.

During the last episode of RAW, Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro to make it to the quarterfinals. The WWE graphic underneath, however, showed that the Samoan Submission Machine had made it to the semi-finals. Unless there is an underlying bye rule, this seems to be a botch by the production team.

Apart from Samoa Joe, Cedric Alexander, Andrade and Elias made it to the next phase.

  • jedi


  • Abraham

    The commentators also announced him
    going to the semi finals i was like what?

  • David Brettell

    Gable is more like the twink of the ring lmfao.

  • David Brettell

    Thanks for explaining that in such detail. CC use Google next time.

  • David Brettell

    Yeah that was my thought too. Thats why I made the sarcastic comment above. Was this even worth the wasted time to write it.

  • David Brettell

    OMG that is an unacceptable mistake!!!! Vince you should fire them all. What kind of dumb SOB do you have working for you?

  • David Brettell

    Fire them all Vince that is plan not accept.

  • Killswitch

    In tournaments, if a winner has no opponent in the same level of a bracket (via some form of disqualification or if the bracket is uneven), they would get a “bye” and bypass to the next level. So for example, if McIntyre/Ricochet ended in a double count-out or some form of no contest, Joe would get a “bye” and face the winner of Miz/Corbin and Cedric/Zayn.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    An entire article for a minor botch?

  • CC

    What is a “bye rule”?

  • jedi

    I’m hoping Gable takes the whole thing since KO is out….I think Gable should utilize this to show how dangerous & good hebisbin the ring!