Knockout Weds, Generation Me Say “Backstage Heat” Report Is False

— It was reported earlier that Madison Rayne changed her name on her Facebook account from Ashley Simmons to Ashley Simmons Cabot. The reigning TNA Women’s Knockout Champion got married on February 8, hence the name change.



— It was reported earlier that TNA Wrestling officials were unhappy with Generation Me revealing on Twitter two weeks ago that they would be unable to make their advertised appearance at Against All Odds due to travel issues. Management reportedly felt they should have allowed them to come up with a replacement plan and announce it at once rather than sharing details of their travel problems online, In response to the report, Max tweeted, “All reports out there about us having any type of “heat” are 100% false.”

Jeff Jarrett responded to his denial, writing, “Really?”

Max then deleted the tweet.

— Dark Angel (a/k/a Sarita) is advertised for tomorrow night’s CMLL taping at Arena Puebla in Puebla, Mexico as she will be teaming with Luna Mágica and Dalis to face Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugei and Zeuxis.

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