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Kofi Kingston cheated out of Wrestlemania title match

Kofi Kingston had to overcome insurmountable odds as he had to compete in a gauntlet match on this week’s Smackdown Live. If he won, he’d earn the right to challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.

He had to face Sheamus, Cesaro, Rowan, Samoa Joe, and Randy Orton in that order. Orton proved to be the most difficult challenge for him. However, towards the end of the match, Kingston countered an RKO and managed to win the match. He finally got the chance to go to Wrestlemania.

However, while Kofi was celebrating his hard-fought victory, Vince McMahon came out and announced that Kingston had to beat another opponent to go to Wrestlemania. He had to beat Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan hit Kofi with a running knee in a very short match and pinned Kingston. So now Kofi Kingston is no longer going to Wrestlemania from the looks of it.

  • Rinn13

    I never said that him being black is what initiated this push. But I HAVE seen it all over the internet, through various “Fans”, on social media, Youtube, etc., this sentiment that Kofi HAS to win at WM and become the “First Black WWE Champion” (even though he wouldn’t be), otherwise “it’s racism”. I’ve literally seen that said by several people.

    Is it prevalent? Perhaps not quite as much as I think. But it’s there enough to be noticed. And it’s still bothersome. People should cheer Kofi because he works his ass off and because he’s been at this for years with no World Title type spotlight. Not simply because of the color of his skin. That’s all I was saying.

  • jedi

    Also fans were dead till DB entered the match. Kofi is true b player.

  • jedi

    DB was on stage when match was announced, he wasent cheated!

  • CC

    Well you have been the first person to mention the whole black thing, so I disagree.
    I do not think for an instant it is why he caught fire suddenly.
    No different to the likes of Becky Lynch recently. They always have had a degree of strong fan support and after one specific moment, be it a match or a sequence or tweets, they capture the fans imagination and suddenly the people already behind them are even more behind them, and they also capture new fans as well and then everyone gets behind them even more.
    It has happened with the likes of Zack Ryder in the past as well, to a lesser extent, and we saw how WWE then dropped the ball with him.

    Daniel Bryan did this several years ago as well, but because he was not in WWE as long it looks like he had this support from the start.

    I do not believe for a second that the black thing is what initiated it, but maybe there has been some band wagoneers who have tacked that on as they go.

  • Rinn13

    I agree to some extent. They are, technically, doing what they should be doing, which is taking sudden fan momentum for a wrestler and running with it. And it isn’t as if Kofi doesn’t deserve it. But what does bother me, as FAR as those fans go, is WHY many people are suddenly cheering for Kofi when they previously didn’t seem to care.

    For many people, out of nowhere it suddenly seems to be a race thing. They aren’t just cheering for Kofi because he’s been around forever and maybe now he gets time to shine as a singles star. They’re cheering for him because “There’s never been a black WWE Champion”. They disregard people like Booker T and Mark Henry, because THAT was the World title. They disregard THE ROCK, because “well he’s only HALF black”. Yes, I’ve literally seen that said by more than one person online. They want Kofi to win as some contrived means of being able to check off some arbitrary race box.

    Even though The Rock absolutely counts, and the idea he doesn’t because he’s only “HALF”, and because he himself doesn’t refer to himself as being JUST black, but black AND Samoan (which he is), is absurd. But whatever.

  • CC

    If only WWE could play out more angles like this on the fly.
    When they put Kofi into that match in place of Ali they could not have known how big he would have blown up on the back of that.

    They actually have people tuning in to see what happens with this angle, which shows it has been a success.

    We all know that he will get his match at Mania regardless of whether he wins or not, and it will be great to see how he gets back into it.

  • Omar

    Well technically, when Vince told Kofi he would have to defeated “these” superstars in gauntlet match, Daniel Bryan was on the ramp along with the other five, so TECHNICALLY Vince is not in the wrong. I like how they left that seed last week.