Kofi Kingston on fans being upset about him losing WWE Title in seconds

Kofi Kingston was at the top of the company during 2019 as he was the WWE Champion. Kofimania had a lot of momentum. However, when he lost the title in seconds to Brock Lesnar, fans were very upset.



Yahoo Sports recently spoke to Kofi Kingston. He said he appreciated all the support he got from fans and how passionate they were when he lost the title. He said it is their right to be angry.

“I appreciate the passion [from the fans], I do. There are people who have careers that span years and they never have this kind of following, so I’m really fortunate to have that. It’s their right to be angry if they want to be angry, but it’s my job to keep moving forward. There’s a whole lot of stuff we don’t have control over, but we work with what we’re given, try to get a little bit more and claw your way back. It might not be a direct, linear path.”

Kingston is currently one half of the Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Perhaps we will see him get back into the main event scene someday.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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