Kofi Kingston on if a singles run for Big E would break the New Day

Many people believe that Big E will be very successful if given a singles push and it appears that the former WWE Champion and his fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston is one of them.



Kingston recently had an interview with AL.com where he talked about a number of things and also revealed his thoughts on a potential singles run for his teammate.

The New Day member said that E is a phenomenal competitor who is also a really funny dude and the former US Champion went on to say that he would have an amazing singles run:

“He could bring the world. Big E is a phenomenal competitor and just a really, really funny dude on so many different levels, easily the funniest one out of all three of us. He has his finger on the pulse of what is good in wrestling. He knows how to make things unique. I agree 100 percent that he would have an amazing singles run.”

Many believed that a singles run for any New Day member would be the end of the faction but Kofi Kingston recently proved them wrong with his WWE title reign and he believes that Big E can also do the same:

“I think a lot of people think that would mean the New Day would have to break up, and that’s not the case. We’ve always looked at ourselves as a faction. We’ve never looked at ourselves as just a tag team. We’ve never put ourselves in a box as far as being one thing. One of the possibilities that we’ve discussed is all of us having singles titles and still being a group and doing it because we are brothers”

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