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Kofi Kingston on New Day members pursuing singles careers

The New Day Money In The Bank

The New Day has been together long enough and there are a lot of people who want to see the trio going their own way and become singles competitors now.

During his recent appearance on the Unsanctioned Podcast, Kofi Kingston talked about the crowd getting behind them after the heel turn, formation of New Day and more.

Continuing on the topic, he said that they formed New Day because the three were not happy with their singles careers and claimed that they have talked about having singles run while still remaining a team:

Now, we have three people, which makes going for a singles championship that much easier, because why wouldn’t you come out there with your friends? Every time we go out there it’s a three on one situation. So, as far as pursuing singles careers, we’ve talked about that and it would be cool to have a ‘New Day Rules’ where we defend a singles title

Would you like to see the New Day break up or would you rather have them compete while still remaining a group? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    When they first started they change the tag team divison in the WWE. But it has run it course they look like a bunch of clowns right now.

  • CC

    I groan every time they come out. They are just a bad cartoon aimed at small kids these days.
    They have their “adult” moments, but overall most of what they are doing is cringe worthy for adults.

  • ROB-1.

    I have had enough of New Day, it is getting to be Old Day. Give Big E a push. He was good when he first came on, now he is silly.