Konnan Talks About Issues Eric Bishoff Had to Deal with in WCW

– In the latest episode of MLW Radio, Konnan talked about how he feels now about Eric Bischoff after their past issues in WCW. Konnan had the following to say.



“Eric was a dick, but imagine having to deal with Hogan, Nash, Hall, Ultimate Warrior, Luger and whoever else he had to deal with,” said Konnen. “Then you had these underneath rebels like Raven, myself and other guys. It was a b—h for him to have to run that company. Kevin Sullivan, Ric Flair, everyone had their cliques, everyone had their agendas, trying to one up each other. That’s just how it was. It was like a shark tank inside of a pressure cooker. It was dog eat dog, so it was very competitive. It was also very ugly.”

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