Kurt Angle on Austin Aries’ WWE release & Jason Jordan, Baron Corbin responds to hater on Twitter

Kurt Angle on Austin Aries being released by WWE, how he was able to show emotion when Jason Jordan was revealed as his son on RAW

WWE Hall of Famer and RAW GM Kurt Angle did a Q&A on his Facebook page yesterday. Angle was asked how he felt about Austin Aries being released from WWE and here was his response:



“I’m sure that neither side was happy. Austin is a very, very talented wrestler. Love his style.”

Angle also responded to fan about how he was able to legitimately break down and cry when Jason Jordan was revealed as his “son” on RAW last week:

“I thought to myself what it would be like to see my son Kody for the first time ever, and didn’t know it for 20 years. I thought if it were real, how would I feel?”

Baron Corbin responds to criticism on Twitter

Baron Corbin responded to fan that suggested that he might cancel his WWE Network subscription because Baron Corbin won the MITB briefcase and Big Cass is getting a push on RAW. Here was his response:

Kodiak Berry now has 32 followers, so mission accomplished I guess. Corbin won the Money in the Bank briefcase last month and that guarantees him a shot at the WWE Championship whenever he wants it. Corbin has been in a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura recently on SmackDown and the two will face off this Sunday at WWE Battleground.

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