Kurt Angle Breaks Silence On AEW Rumors

Kurt Angle reacted to rumors of an AEW vs. WWE interpromotional storyline in a new Facebook Q&A with fans.



One fan asked, “With basically all the other decent wrestling organizations doing collabs rn with AEW what do are your thoughts on WWE and if they should get in on the collabs or not?”

Angle responded, “WWE is its own entity, an enormous company. They won’t ever collaborate with another promotion. They don’t have to. But, I don’t think it would hurt them to do it.”

Another fan asked, “What do you think about the future of the current competition between the Wrestling Promotions?”

Angle answered, “I think it’s very promising. Competition is always good. It’s going to be interesting between WWE and AEW.”

AEW are currently involved in an interpromotional storyline with Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, but it doesn’t look like WWE will be joining the fold anytime soon.

Angle was recently asked on The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows.com if Brock Lesnar is dangerous to wrestle. He said, “Well, it was actually my fault the second time. The first time it happened was when he slung me into the corner sideways and my head whiplashed at No Way Out. The second one was about eight months later. I came back two months after WrestleMania. I wrestled the next six months. We had a show where Brock had to hit Chris Benoit and myself with chairs.

Chris told him earlier ‘I want you to swing sideways because of my neck.’ He had surgery on his neck a couple years prior and didn’t want to reinjure it. I forgot to tell Brock that, so when Brock brought the chair, he brought it hard and went over top, right on top of my head. My vertebrae cracked, three of them cracked immediately and I knew my neck was screwed. I knew it again. I was in dire straits and I was going to be out for a while and I was. That’s when I took the GM job after that happened.”

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