Kurt Angle discusses Dean Ambrose, parenting, MITB in Q&A

On occasion, Monday Night Raw General Manager Kurt Angle goes on Facebook to answer questions from the WWE Universe. In his recent Q&A, he responded to questions about fatherhood, the three I’s, and the possible timetable for the return of Dean Ambrose, among other things.



Below are a few highlights from his post:

Will Undertaker be wrestling anymore?

I think he will. He looks great. He’s an amazing athlete.

What advice would you give to new scared fathers?

We are all scared of parenting. Not so much scared, but more stressed about what kind of parents we can be. Will we provide? Will we give them the support they need? Will we spend quality time with our kids? Will they NOT make the same mistakes we’ve made?

But, if we just focus on doing our best at this moment in time, we can’t do any better than that. Take a deep breath and be the father you can and should be.

His pick for MITB:

Honestly? He’s a long shot. But Kevin Owens. He seems to always find a way to shine. A real ss kisser 🙂

When will Dean Ambrose be returning?

LISTEN EVERYONE. Dean is healing nicely. He will be back soon!!!!! I get this question every week. I know how popular he is but asking me when he will return will not make him return any sooner than he can. He will be back soon. Promise.

Kurt Angle is one of a few WWE personalities who consistently respond to their fans on Facebook. If you can, I’d highly recommend following him. He, along with other guys like Triple H and Mick Foley, often to get information out to the fans, whether it be in a Q&A format like Angle and Foley, or updates like Post-TakeOver videos that Triple H posts.


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