Kurt Angle gives fans an injury status update

If you watched Survivor Series very closely you would have noticed that Kurt Angle’s leg was taped up pretty heavily during the main event match.



Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that both Triple H and Kurt Angle were banged up for their big main event match. It’s just a good thing there were so many people in the match to evenly distribute out the workload. After all, Angle’s leg appeared to be in rough shape.

Angle recently had a Facebook Q&A where he was asked about the status of his leg and he relieved fans when he informed them it was just a matter of overtraining for the event when he said:

“Leg is ok. I tore a muscle in it doing wind sprints 2 days before PPV. It’s okay though. I feel good and should be 100% in a week.”

Let’s hope Angle’s able to take good enough care of his body so we’ll be blessed with many more matches to come.

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