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Kurt Angle knows there is only one reason WWE put him in the Hall Of Fame

Kurt Angle will finally be entered into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year. The former Olympic Gold Medalist recently sat down with Forbes to discuss the honor, and revealed that he believes there is only one reason the WWE gave him the nod for the Hall Of Fame this year:

“I believe that social media has made it much easier for the fans to semi-control what’s going on. When somebody’s in high demand, after a while, WWE can’t ignore it. Daniel Bryan is a great example. So, I think that social media has given the fans a bigger voice and it’s gotten to the point where companies can’t ignore it anymore. If you’re hot, you’re hot. I believe maybe social media maybe had a little bit to do with me being able to come back to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. A lot of fans want to see Kurt Angle, one last run in the WWE and it’s become so consistent, it’s crazy and I’m actually in shock at how much support I get on social media.”

  • Arnold Jackson

    To be fair to Vince he tried this strategy years before with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie went through hard times after being let go but he managed to turn his life around and I am sure Vince hoped that Kurt would too. What Vince didn’t count on was that the wrestling landscape had change since Eddie had to fight his demons and Kurt had an opportunity to jump to a national wrestling company with a TV deal that could pay Kurt enough money to continue his problems. It’s not TNA’s fault that Kurt continued on his bad path but the money allowed him to do so.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Time and money heals all wounds in life.

  • BleepBleepBeep

    And it would look like Vince decided to drop a hot potato, contributing to his downfall rather than helping, he just can’t win. I don’t dislike Kurt at all, don’t think that of these posts. I am just genuinely shocked he is being allowed back in any capacity.

    I mean, I would be equally surprised if Jeff Jarrett or Shane Douglas returned – I am that surprised about it. Too bad he wasn’t used in the rumble.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Vince was genuinely concerned that Angle was going to die and possibly soon. He didn’t want his company connected to that type of publicity that Kurt would get for ODing. The quickest way to get him off the books was a full release. In retrospect it was foolish of Vince to think Kurt would stop trying to make money the only way he could, which was wrestling.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    He’s half right. He really is one of the best wrestlers “all around”. His mic. skills are killer, his in ring style is wonderful and his vignette are always better than soap operas. At least he can run the ropes with the best…

  • Echo_Bliss

    “At the closure — and mutually agreed release — between Kurt Angle
    and WWE, Mr. Angle wants you and wrestling fans to know that he was
    offered a health and Wellness program by WWE at their conclusion.”

    It would seem to me, if this is true, that even if WWE did offer Kurt a stint in rehab, even if he refused, this has no bearing on why Vince gave him the release he did. After all, if that was how it happened, there would have been the 90 day non-compete clause and surely WWE would have responded in some social media capacity to Angle making all his statements about how Vince was killing wrestlers and breaking bodies and all that. I would have expected that Vince would have publicly released a statement that Angle was going through a difficult time involving addiction to painkillers and health issues, and was granted an early release. That didn’t happen.

    Then, I look at this at the end which – “Laurinaitis said: “WWE is reaching out to try to help not only our
    current talent [Wellness program] but the former talent [Former Talent
    Rehab Assistance], but as we both know, it’s up to the individual to
    make the decision whether or not they want help.”

    Thing is, even though Kurt did backstab WWE on his way out, WWE did offer him rehab either way, knowing his many issues. This leaves me upset that Vince did not give Kurt (or anyone) time off to recover from injuries and pain, and turned a blind eye to the painkiller mess that was part of the culture. Of course, we all knew this as this was what Kurt kept talking about when he first went to TNA and gave all those interviews.

    My question is, why would Vince grant Kurt his immediate release without non-compete instead of suspending his contract per terms of rehab and recovery, and pin him to the company? Surely, once he recovers, Kurt would be happy to continue working even in a limited capacity.

    Thanks for coming back with a source though. You have more inches than most of the other half-men around the internet who can’t back up their thoughts with any research effort.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Ok so even though Kurt says this, you still dont believe it. Sounds like nothing will change your opinion.

  • Echo_Bliss

    Sources or go home. You got nothing, kid.

  • CC

    And Kurt Angle has not had a history of making stories up to paint himself in a better light or look like the victim has he.

  • Echo_Bliss

    Ahh, here is an emotionally insecure troll making personal remarks maybe thinking I care.

    Protip: This is the internet and nobody loves you or cares what you say or think.

  • Echo_Bliss

    Angle and JJ both left WWE in very negative ways. JJ overcharged to drop the IC Title per his contract situation, will never welcome back. I will be surprised if he ever appears at any WWE event again in a formal capacity. Angle, like Jarrett, left in a very bad way. Everything I have seen indicated he lied about the extent of his injuries – while he might not have been lying about his pain, exited his contract – and like JJ, was on another companies programming almost immediately. Angle made it seem like he would retire then maybe after 2-3 years return to WWE rejuvenated. Instead, he betrayed the NFL to work for the minor leagues. I am shocked Vince was willing to take him back after that stint.

  • Echo_Bliss

    ROFL you idiot troll. Angle went straight from “I can’t work my neck hurts” to feuding with Samoa Joe. I don’t see the necessity for the nasty remark. I guess that is Thomas Murray revealing his insecurity and misery by trying to look funny – in reality, he is probably sad that he is fat, ugly and will be alone and miserable forever so he – like you, makes personal remarks about others on the internet.

  • Jason Conlan

    Bullshit, he has said himself he had problems so he WAS unstable he has also put his time into helping people with issues so as Thomas Murray said has he fucked your wife?…..

  • Arnold Jackson

    No Kurt has done interviews recently that he admitted that he was given a choice to go to rehab or be released (aka shown the door). Kurt wasn’t ready to admit he had a problem and Vince wasn’t ready to see a wrestler die in the ring. Kurt said no (which in his mind at the time was to say he rather be let go instead of admit the problem) and Vince parted ways.

  • CC

    Look at who posted the article. Same tactics all the time.

  • CC

    No, Kurt asked for his release due to injuries, as the guy stated above. And then turned around and joined TNA straight away. Had Vince shown him the door, he would have had a 90 day no compete clause, which he didn’t.
    It was a massive deal at the time, and actually put a lot of heat on Angle from the fans and people defending Vince, when had he been let go, it would have been the other way round.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Kurt was shown the door by Vince because he was a drug addict and wouldn’t go to rehab again. JJ left for more money from WCW and hasn’t been back since because he started his own business. Do you just make up stuff and then pretend that they are true or do you know you are giving out misinformation?

  • Thomas Murray

    what he do bang ur wife ?

  • Echo_Bliss

    I thought they just wanted to monetize his name a few more times, and maybe feed him to Rusev and a few others his style or character would feud well with. I am surprised though because I thought of how Kurt left WWE similar to how Jarrett left them. He fucked them crying he needed his deal to end so he could rest, then immediately signs with a no-name company like he thinks his name can bring them up to WWE level.

    I think Vince is too smart to put too much investment into someone like Kurt who is generally unstable, has bad neck problems, health concerns and no ability to manage his personal life (probably the result of his painkiller addictions).

  • Vincent Dale

    “Maybe had a little bit to do with” Yeah that isn’t “Only one reason.” Not at all.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I thought for sure the reason was either to lock him in for one more match, or give him a Legend’s deal to keep him away from other companies. Just sayin. 🙂