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Kurt Angle reveals his favorite women’s wrestler of all time

Kurt Angle

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle had another Facebook Q&A over the weekend.

Angle answered questions regarding addiction, Team Angle, his favorite women’s wrestler and more.

Do you miss the old times like the Team Angle days?

I truly miss Team Angle… it didn’t last as long as it deserved, but I miss the matches I was able to have with Shawn, Eddie, Brock, Benoit, Big Show, HHH, Rock, Austin, Taker, Cena, Mysterio, Orton and many more. I never like to toot my own horn, but between 2001-2006, I had to be the most versatile athlete in WWE. I was very proud of that.

For a Team Angle reunion, would you like to teem with Benjamin & Gable since Haas has retired?

Why not bring them all in? Gable, Jordan, Shelton, Charlie. The more the merrier.

How did it feel to slam an 82-year-old Mae Young?

I didn’t want to! But Mae came to me before the show and said to “spike my ass hard. Don’t take it easy.” I didn’t know what to say. So, I did what she told me to do.

Who is your favorite female wrestler of all time?

Chyna. She broke the barrier for women to not only show their wrestling skills, but she competed with men. She’s the true pioneer.

To get a chance to ask Angle your questions, like his Facebook page and look out for his next Q&A session!

  • Rinn13

    Ick. Chyna? She didn’t “break any barriers”, Kurt. At all. She was an awful wrestler, by many accounts at least somewhat an awful, headcase of a person, and she was hardly the first, even prominent female wrestler to wrestle men.