Kurt Angle Reveals What He Plans To Do While He’s Away From Professional Wrestling

As noted, Kurt Angle plans on leaving TNA when his contract expires in January. Angle will be taking a break from professional wrestling, but will not be retiring from it.



Angle mentioned on his website in a new blog that he has a college degree in education and wants to use his college education to help others and teach others. This has been a longtime goal of his for some time now.

Down below is an excerpt from that blog of Angle talking about his goals and pursing his dream.

“My ‘long shot’ dream was to be an Olympic Champion. Winning gold was my lifelong dream. I also had another passion, to be a teacher…to teach our youth. I have a college degree in education. I accomplished my ultimate dream, winning gold in the 1996 Olympics, but now that I’ve accomplished it, I want to use my college education to help others and to teach others.”

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