Kurt Angle says his worst WWE match involved Eddie Guerrero

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero are considered universally to be two of the greatest professional wrestlers to have ever stepped into a wrestling ring. Both men put on instant classics with the stars of their day, and their in-ring and character work brought out emotional reactions from fans across the globe.



So it’s surprising to hear from the Olympic Gold Medalist that, when he thinks about his worst match in his WWE career, he’s standing across the ring from Latino Heat.

The one I remember was the Lumberjack Match with Eddie Guerrero [on an episode of SmackDown].

Eddie wasn’t feeling well that night. The match dragged on and on. Eddie kept telling me something was wrong. He kept telling me to put him in a hold so he could get his mind and body straight.

It wasn’t the Eddie that we all knew, ‘the greatest of all-time.’ He was physically and emotionally exhausted that night. It was a failure on my part because I kept pushing him to go harder, I should have listened to him.

Eddie was more to me than a fellow wrestler, he was my brother. It was a bad night for him. And a bad night for me.

Going back and watching the match from 2004, it is clear that something was off that night. Still, after watching it again, I definitely wouldn’t say it’s in a list of worst matches of all time.

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