Kurt Angle Speaks on WWE and TNA, Brock Lesnar and More

– Kurt Angle recently sat down with Matt & JD from Ring The Bell Radio for an interview. You can listen to the full interview at: RingTheBellRadio.com in the archive section. During the interview Kurt discusses his new food line, how TNA differs from WWE, what TNA has to do to be successful against the WWE, his movie career and more. Below are some highlights.



Kurt on his new food line and how it helped Brock Lesner:

“I recently started a food company and a new cafe in the Strip District in Pittsburgh, PA. My food line helps promote muscle tone, weight loss and fat loss. We offer all gourmet food and Italian food, but our food offers high protein and high fiber. That is the new secret that not many people know about. People that have eaten our high fiber high protein foods have lost a lot of weight already.”

“A good friend of mine Brock Lesner (who is a UFC fighter) almost died last year. He contributes his success from getting off of his death bed and being 120% healthy due to two things; High Protein and High Fiber, and that is the new secret today. Brock changed his lifestyle and the things he ate. He used to eat tons of red meat, high cholesterol, high fatty foods and that finally caught up with him. But again the way he got back to 100% health was a high protein, high fiber diet.””

Wrestling in Pittsburgh for the first time with TNA since leaving the WWE:

“I thoroughly enjoyed it! Anytime I come back to Pittsburgh we have a great outcome. We had a sold out standing room only show back in March for that TNA house show. TNA does really good in Pittsburgh. The ratings here are double where they are everywhere else. For some reason Pittsburgh really likes TNA and that makes me feel good. Pittsburgh is a great wrestling city, WWE does really well here and TNA does really well too and we are talking about doing a PPV here the next time we come back and hopefully I’ll be wrestling for the world title.”

How TNA House shows differ from WWE:

”We (TNA) have a different mentality than the WWE. You know, Vince McMahon likes to keep his wrestlers away from the fans. He doesn’t want any fans in his little fantasy world. But I don’t blame Vince for that and that’s not a bad mentality to have. But we (TNA) have more of a Southern Hospitality. We invite our fans into our locker room, we invite them to meet all of the wrestlers, we let the fans get into the ring if they choose to do so. I think it’s worked really well too, because our house shows (attendance) have been up 30% in the past year. I attribute that to how TNA runs the house shows, and the fans really enjoy it. They (fans) go home happy, they get all of the wrestlers autographs, they get to take pictures with whoever was in the main event. I think it’s a really great idea and it’s done really well for us.”

What goes through his mind right before we walks through the curtain:

“I really go blank. To be honest with you all day long I’m really sore and tired, you’re at the arena all day, your doing your pre-tapes and going over what you have to say during the show. I’m not a big fan of going over too much of the match. Once the music hits, your body goes numb, and you’re focused on putting on the best performance you possibly can. It’s almost like what I went through wrestling for the gold medal in the Olympics. You have to have that focused mentality because wrestling is so dangerous and you go out there and want to perform for the fans, but once you go out there your adrenaline kicks in, and then you start doing things you wouldn’t necessarily do.”

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