Kurt Angle Talks About Wrestling Smaller Crowds & Leaving WWE for TNA

Kurt Angle was interviewed by The Kirksville Daily Express to promote TNA’s live event this Saturday at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa, Iowa. Here are some highlights.



Wrestling in front of smaller crowds, like the one in Ottumwa this Saturday: “In a lot of ways it’s better, they are more passionate and I get to meet a lot of them… It’s more fan friendly, we take pictures in the ring and have more meet and greets. There’s a better opportunity for fans to get five to 10 autographs from each of the wrestlers.”

His schedule after leaving WWE for TNA: “At the beginning there wasn’t much of a difference… I came down here with hopes of building the program, which TNA has done an amazing job of doing, but having a lighter schedule, and that didn’t occur for four or five years. It kind of blossomed after I got here and we went from doing 25 house shows to 125 and one hour on TV to two hours. With the timing of me coming in and what was going on, they needed me to be full-time. My new contract is part-time.”

Kurt Angle also discussed winning the gold medal at the 1996 Olympics, his lines being taken out of the movie Warrior, if he would have signed with the UFC over WWE today and much more.

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