Kurt Angle wants CM Punk to return to wrestling, Randy Orton update, Sasha Banks pokes fun at Alexa Bliss

Kurt Angle on CM Punk returning to wrestling in the future

RAW GM Kurt Angle answered a few questions on his Facebook page a couple of days ago. A fan asked Angle about CM Punk’s MMA future and a possible return to professional wrestling. Angle responded with the following:



“I hope he comes back. I think his MMA career is over. He needs to go back to what he does best!”

Randy Orton returning to SmackDown on Tuesday

WWE Superstar Randy Orton has not been seen on SmackDown since July 4th because he was filming the new WWE Studios movie “Changeland”. Orton will make his return to SmackDown this week in the final episode before WWE Battleground. Orton will face Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship in a Punjabi Prison match at the PPV.

Sasha Banks pokes fun at Alexa Bliss on Instagram

WWE posted a photo of Alexa Bliss on their Instagram account earlier today that stated that “#LittleMissBliss always has something up her sleeve”. Sasha Banks left this comment on the photo, “Yeah Paige’s jacket pfpfpfp”.


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