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Kurt Angle on why WWE cleared him and not Daniel Bryan

Kurt-Angle-RAW-GM-Extreme Rules

Kurt Angle recently made his in-ring return during the TLC PPV, which left many people wondering if the company can clear Kurt then why not Daniel Bryan.

During a recent Q&A session with fans, the Raw General Manager commented on the matter and said that it’s not Bryan’s neck which is not letting WWE doctors clear him:

“No, it’s not Daniel Bryan’s neck. No, it’s concussions. That’s a serious thing today. You obviously see in the NFL there are a lot of lawsuits being thrown back and forth. It’s a very dangerous thing. I talked to Daniel personally.  The physical entails a certain amount of things and the most important is the concussion test. “

Angle also revealed his thoughts on whether or not Daniel will eventually wrestle saying that he can, but ultimately it comes down to him passing the concussion test:

“Can Daniel eventually wrestle? I think he can, but it comes down to him passing the concussion test. I know in time your brain heals, so we don’t know how much damage has been done thus far. Is there a possibility of him wrestling? Maybe, I hope so. “

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