Kyle O’Reilly is now the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champion in history

Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly has passed a pretty unique milestone. While the four-man stable has held onto the titles for the majority of the year, partners have been swapped out here and there.



Strong’s original partner was fellow ReDragon member Bobby Fish. However, a knee injury would force him to hand over his title to Adam Cole.

Cole would only be in that position for a few days, however, as Roderick Strong would soon join the group, becoming O’Reilly’s latest tag team partner.

Since UE’s air-guitar pro has consistently held the gold, minus the few days where Mustache Mountain, for a total of 366+ days, making him the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champion in the company’s history.

It’s important, however, to note that the WWE only recognizes his combined days at 324 for now. Still, it’s a pretty impressive milestone for the Martial Artist.

The previous record holders were the Ascension, who held the belts for 364 days, 344 recognized by the WWE.

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