LA Knight Apologized To Triple H Backstage

Former WWE stars Mansoor and Mace recently recalled a story when LA Knight cut a promo after his win over Mansoor. It was noted that Knight was supposed to cut a babyface promo. However, LA Knight called the crowd “incels” instead and criticized them. However, Knight apologized for his mistake to Triple H backstage.



Mansoor and Mace were among several stars who were released from WWE. The company recently had the first round of talent releases after completing their merger with UFC under TKO Group Holdings earlier this month. The two combat sports giants officially completed their merger on September 12. The new entity known as TKO Group Holdings made its stock market debut soon after at the New York Stock Exchange.

The merger lead to mass layoffs only days after. It has been noted that the layoffs didn’t stop with office employees only.

Meanwhile, last night’s SmackDown didn’t feature LA Knight. However, he was set to be part of SmackDown this week. Those plans had to change, as Sean Sapp posted on X to elaborate.

“Originally, LA Knight was listed as being involved in tonight’s contract signing. Knight was listed as a surprise to help John Cena.”

He was also internally listed as teaming with Cena in a dark match following the show.

We’re told this was not a Vince McMahon change, it was medical related

Sean Sapp went on to confirm that LA Knight tested positive for COVID-19. It was confirmed with WWE sources that Knight tested positive “just before SmackDown” and he had to leave after that.

Fightful has confirmed with WWE sources and those to him that LA Knight tested positive for COVID just before WWE Smackdown, and had to leave the building.


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