LA Knight Exploded At WWE Diva For Botch

LA Knight is celebrated by the WWE Universe, but with the extensive amount of information to remember, it can be challenging for anyone. This challenge becomes even more daunting when performing in front of a packed WWE event.



Samantha Irvin, a WWE ring announcer, has garnered praise from fans for her work, but even she isn’t immune to occasional mishaps. It seems that she had a stern conversation with LA Knight after a slip-up during his entrance.

In a conversation with Chris Van Vliet, Samantha Irvin discussed the difficulty of memorizing various details such as hometowns, heights, and weights of Superstars. She acknowledged the challenges of this process but noted that her theater background had equipped her with strong memorization skills.

To aid in her initial learning process, Samantha Irvin revealed that she used flashcards. These flashcards featured the Superstar’s name on one side and essential information on the other, helping her commit the details to memory. Over time, with regular exposure to the WWE roster, she became familiar with the Superstars’ backgrounds and statistics.

“That process [of memorizing hometowns and weights of Superstars] is whack, but you know, hey, I have a theater background so memorization has always been my thing. It’s a part of it, so memorizing has never been a hard thing with remembering lines for shows or auditions for jobs you never get, you know, I’ve learned a lot of lines.”

“I had little flash cards when I first started. I had the Superstar on one side, and then information I needed to know on the other. That’s kinda how I did it. That’s how I did it when I first started. Now, I’m saying these names every week, so I know everybody now. I know where they’re from, and I know how much they weigh.”

She candidly shared an incident involving LA Knight, mentioning that he once corrected her for misrepresenting his hometown. However, they now bill him as hailing from Los Angeles, California. Samantha Irvin acknowledged the pressure associated with her job but expressed her readiness to face the challenge of performing in front of a live crowd week after week.

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