LA Knight WWE Firing Backstage Rumor Leaks

It has come to light that LA Knight almost got fired.



LA Knight has been on a meteoric rise. His charisma and mic skills have got the fans chanting his name. His popularity is increasing day by day and always receives a huge ovation whenever he makes an appearance.

‘The Megastar’ was called up to the main roster last year as part of The Maximum Male Models, where he was repackaged as Max Dupri. Many fans felt that the character did injustice to LA Knight. Thankfully, he left the group and returned to being LA Knight.

While speaking on a Twitch stream, Mace and Mansoon revealed that Vince McMahon hated the Max Dupri vignettes and almost fired LA Knight over them.

“He was going to get fired. He was this close to getting let go. For whatever reason Vince hated his Max Dupri vignettes. He wanted him to be a sniveling little scummy agent. He’s a chad! He’s a jacked chad. So that was never the right role for him.”

It is certainly a relief for fans that LA Knight didn’t end up getting fired by WWE as that would have been one of the biggest letdowns in WWE history. LA Knight is currently eyeing to go up the ranks and get a championship gold around his waist. We will have to see what the future holds for him.


Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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