Lacey Evans Drops Vince McMahon Bombshell

Former WWE Superstar Lacey Evans recently left WWE last month. Her departure took place after her contract expired. She’d been teasing the move on social media.



She went on to update her social media bio to put her real name, Macey Estrella and the handle saw Limitless Macey. She also started referring to herself as “FKA WWE Superstar Lacey Evans.” Evans’s last match took place on July 7 when she competed in a dark match against Zelina Vega in a losing effort.

Lacey Evans recently decided to go on a different venture. She has also opened a new cafe in Beaufort, South Carolina, the Sunny Summers Cafe, where people can ‘unplug’ and disconnect from the outside world. The former WWE star also wanted the cafe to host meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups. Lacey Evans also recently joined FanTime website posting racy content

During a Highspots Virtual Signing, Lacey answered to several wrestling-related comments and questions from fans. When a fan expressed missing her in WWE, Lacey empathized with their sentiment. Reflecting on her time in WWE, Lacey said it was “awesome” and “so much fun.”

She also addressed a humorous anecdote about Vince McMahon’s dislike for sneezing, suggesting it reflected a desire for self-control, although she personally found Vince McMahon to be a “cool boss.”

In response to her future endeavors, Lacey playfully stated, “Wherever the hell I want,” signifying her newfound freedom after leaving WWE.

We will have to wait and see what’s next for her.
Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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