Lacey Evans Gets Soaked In Cowgirl Photo

Lacey Evans uploaded a mind-blowing photo of herself in cowgirl attire on Instagram recently.




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Initially, Lacey Evans explained that her husband wasn’t entirely on board with the idea of her premium content. However, during discussions, she suggested playing dress-up, and when the opportunity arose, they decided to explore it together. They engaged in photo shoots, with her husband actively participating in picking out outfits. Lacey Evans expressed excitement about the new dynamic in their relationship, emphasizing that her love life has never been spicier. She embraced the freedom to do what she wants at the age of 33, and her husband is fully supportive of her choices.

While Lacey Evans hasn’t indicated a return to professional wrestling at this stage in her life, she has found success in her NSFW content venture. Additionally, she owns and operates a coffee shop, showcasing a diverse range of content on her social media, catering to both her coffee shop business and her paywall subscribers. The interview provides insight into her post-WWE journey and the various endeavors she is pursuing.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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