Lacey Evans Has Shredded Abs In Truck Photo

Lacy Evans has just posted up a brand new photo of herself on Instagram. She is seen in what looks to be a truck, with short-shorts on, a cowboy hat, and a pair of boots. In the photo, Lacey is getting down to her backwoods roots as she is surely making a lot of people happy with this picture. Check it out below.



Now, Evans doesn’t usually have the best relationship with fans. Sure, we can chalk this up to it being a character thing, or maybe it’s in her nature. I’d had to go with the latter because it could be totally untrue, so we’ll say everything is in kayfabe when it comes to Evans.

If you remember, Evans once said on Twitter: “PSA: The only autographs I will sign are those for our youth. For it’s obvious the lack of positive role models and failing parental guidance that has taken a toll on their pathetic futures. They need something worthy to look up to. I’m going above and beyond. #SaluteMe”

This obviously aged poorly with fans from the beginning. It’s good to see fans start to rally around Evans once again and give her some good affirmations after being on the outs with the star for a while now.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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