Lacey Evans In Trouble Backstage With Triple H?

The WWE roster is undoubtedly stacked with talented superstars, making it challenging for everyone to get their fair share of screen time each week. While being discussed in creative meetings is often a promising sign, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Lacey Evans.



Ringside News recently reached out to find out Lacey Evans’ current status within WWE, and it appears she is not medically disqualified. However, the disappointing news is that there are currently no creative plans in the works for her.

A trusted member of the WWE creative team confirmed that Lacey Evans’ name isn’t among those being considered for any storylines at this time. While many names are circulating in creative discussions, Evans seems to have been left out of the mix.

Adding to the challenges she faces, Lacey Evans has been caught up in a controversial situation regarding her character’s similarities to the legendary Sgt. Slaughter. Both Sgt. Slaughter and his daughter have spoken out against Evans, creating tension between them. Sgt. Slaughter revealed that WWE didn’t offer him enough compensation for using his persona and move, the Cobra Clutch, in her repertoire. The ongoing controversy has added to the complexity of Evans’ situation in the company.

Throughout the ordeal, Lacey Evans has remained unapologetic, which has drawn mixed reactions from fans. While it might not have helped her case, Evans has been vocal on social media and continues to be active outside of pro wrestling, managing a construction business with her husband.

As we keep a close eye on Lacey Evans’ journey, her dedicated fans hope to see her back in action within WWE. Unfortunately, in recent memory, the Lady of WWE has been overlooked and underrepresented, leaving her supporters eagerly anticipating her return to the spotlight. Only time will tell if creative plans will finally materialize for the talented and determined Lacey Evans in the world of professional wrestling.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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