Lacey Evans Lets Entire Body Hang Out In Photos

Former WWE star Lacey Evans recently took to her Instagram account and posted alluring pictures in red outfit. Her caption read:



“Here’s to looking in the mirror and loving what you see, living a life you could only dream of, crushing all your goals, and not letting anything stop you…..ever. 2024 is gonna be great! “

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Meanwhile, Evans had an decent run with WWE that lasted over a few years on the main roster. However, a wrestling veteran wanted to see Evans go after a decorated veteran and attack him with his finishing maneuver.

This year, Lacey Evans’ gimmick was repackaged, and the gimmick was very similar to WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter after which she received backlash from the veteran.

However, the gimmick and the use of the Cobra Clutch didn’t sit well with the Hall of Famer and his daughter, who took the issue out on social media, and the two parties broke kayfabe and got nasty.

Speaking on Keepin’ It 100, Konnan spoke about the gimmick and Lacey Evans’ run. During the discussion, he revealed that he would’ve liked to see Slaughter and his daughter interact with Evans, whereas the latter would’ve ended up using his move on the father-daughter duo in a segment:

“I think they missed out on a good storyline… I would’ve had the daughter come out [Lacey Evans puts the Cobra Clutch on her] and she’s almost out and all of sudden you hear Sgt. Slaughter’s music. He comes out and she kinda powders out the daughter and she comes and puts the Cobra Clutch on him. Bro that’s great tv to me, you know.”

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