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Former WWE superstar Lacey Evans known for her undeniable star power and fearless spirit, has been a subject of disappointment among fans due to her booking in recent years. However, Evans has a resilient attitude and isn’t one to take criticism too seriously. She recently addressed haters who criticize the in-ring skills of professional wrestlers through her Instagram account.



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Despite making a brief return, Lacey Evans was notably absent from WWE television for an extended period before ultimately departing from the company. This departure left some fans disappointed, as they had high hopes for her future in WWE.

In response to critics who question the wrestling abilities of professional wrestlers, Lacey Evans decided to playfully troll them on her Instagram account. Her message appears to convey that she doesn’t let negative comments affect her and remains unfazed by criticism.

Additionally, Lacey Evans has ventured into other endeavors beyond wrestling. She has introduced a Premium Content Paywall Service for her fans, which is expected to be financially successful. Evans is also focused on her new venture, the Sunny Summer cafe, following her departure from WWE. Despite any detractors or naysayers, Evans is content with the direction her life has taken, and that is what truly matters to her at this point in her career.


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