Lacey Evans Reveals Pregnancy ‘Stretch Marks’

The human body is an amazing thing and can stretch to fit an entire little human inside of it. Lacey Evan’s even knows what can come with this.



Lacey Evan’s recently put up a photo that showed cream for her stretch marks as she is pregnant as reported. It’s great to see her taking care of her body even when going through so much.

Lacey also followed up her story with taking to Instagram and spreading encouragement as she always does. The post stated the following: “To all the women out there doing everything in their power to overcome what is stacked against us. That juggle motherhood, careers, marriage, the ups and downs and still manage to get dinner on the table and look in the mirror knowing they are gonna give it hell again the next day.”

Lacey continues: “To the women who have taken advantage of change and continue to show the world what we are capable of! Keep going! We are limitless ladies. We are strong mamas! We can do it! Here is to another year of kicking ass, taking names, making history and breaking down barriers!!!”

Lacey Evan’s is a prime example of somebody who takes their at home life as seriously as their career and we are happy and thankful for her.

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