Lacey Evans Shows Backside In Plane Photo

WWE star Lacey Evans recently took to her Instagram account and posted a picture flaunting her backside and posed by a jet plane. Her caption read:



“Keep climbing. 🧠🇺🇲 💪
📸: @dreambig_dewey”

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Lacey Evans’ latest character transformation has drawn many comparisons to that of former WWE Champion Sgt. Slaughter. Evans attire reminiscent to that of the WWE Hall of Famer, as well as adopting Slaughter’s Cobra Clutch finisher.

Reactions from Sarge’s family were overwhelmingly critical of Evans’ new character, and during a conversation with Bill Apter, Slaughter himself admitted that Evans has put him off watching WWE SmackDown:

“I don’t watch [WWE] as much as I did. I watch Raw because SmackDown has Lacey on it. It doesn’t upset me because I know she can’t put a Cobra Clutch on like I do but it’s just the thought that she’s using a move without – at least I would think the writers or somebody would call me up and say, ‘You mind if we use the Cobra Clutch?’ or maybe call it something else because [Ted] DiBiase brought it in when I was gone with G.I. Joe and he used it as the Million Dollar Dream. She could have maybe come up with another name of it but just to call it the Cobra Clutch, I had to end up using the Camel Clutch when I came back [in 1990] because DiBiase was using my hold. I asked Khosrow [Iron Sheik]. I said ‘Is it okay if I use your move?’ That’s the way the business was. You respect your talent and the people that you worked with,” said Slaughter.

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