Lacey Evans Shows Beautiful Legs In Car Photo

WWE star Lacey Evans recently took to her Instagram account and posted an alluring picture for her fans. Her caption read:



“I’m a lot of things. But one to keep my mouth shut, back down, or give up ain’t one of em.🇺🇲🧠☕️ #GoodMorningMfers”

Evans, who grabs the headlines for controversial matters, was called out for her stance on ADD and Autism as she shared a clip featuring two men casting doubt on Autism and ADD diagnosis numbers. She stated that the two developmental disabilities didn’t exist before.

The SmackDown star added further fuel to the fire as she posted a controversial opinion on mental health. Lacey reshared a picture on her Instagram story that noted how to tackle depression and anxiety.

One fan replied: “it’s been f*ck Lacey Evans. mental health ain’t no joke”

Another wrote: “I wish she’d just go away….and YET WWE keeps her employed…lalala”

Third wrote: “I never liked Lacey Evans….”

One of the fans wrote: “Unless you’re a mental health expert, don’t share shit like this. Especially if you’re a public figure with people who may actually listen to you. It undermines the actual proven ways to fight clinical anxiety and depression. Lacey Evans continues to rack up Ls.”

It has been noted that WWE is not unhappy with Lacey Evans’ recent performances, despite rumors to the contrary.

Speculation that Evans had been entering underwhelming showings in the eyes of WWE star had been doing the rounds over the past few days, stemming from Twitter talk. Fightful Select has moved to pour cold water on this talk. The outlet writes that there is “nothing to odd online speculation” suggesting that Evans is in bother with WWE.

Lacey was featured on a recent edition of Friday Night SmackDown where she defeated enhancement talent Carmen Harress in around two minutes. This was her second singles match of 2023, having won another jobber squash on 27 January, though Evans also appeared as part of that month’s women’s Royal Rumble match.

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