Lacey Evans Threatens Neighbor With Thong Bikini

Lacey Evans recently took to her Instagram account and uploaded a photo of herself wearing a swimsuit, as she ended up threatening her neighbour in a massive way.



Dear HOA, this better?
Dear neighbor, you call on me again, I’ll pick the little weeds in a thong bikini facing the window your ol man drinks his coffee. -that is all. #RentalPropertyProblems.



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Lacey Evans, a former Marine and one of the most captivating personalities in WWE, has faced a baffling booking situation that has left fans and wrestling experts puzzled. Despite her undeniable skills and dynamic presence in the ring, Evans has struggled to gain momentum in recent times, and WWE’s handling of her character has drawn criticism.

Evans burst onto the main roster on December 17, 2018, making an immediate impact. She engaged in a feud with Charlotte Flair in 2021, but those plans were derailed when she had to take maternity leave. Upon her return to WWE television in April of the same year, Evans changed brands and underwent numerous gimmick changes, which fans felt hindered her progress and killed any momentum she had built.

During an appearance on Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru podcast, renowned wrestling manager Jim Cornette expressed his confusion and disappointment regarding Lacey Evans’ current state in WWE. Cornette praised Evans for her size, appearance, demeanor, facials, and ability to portray a great heel character. However, he criticized WWE for their stop-and-start approach with Evans and the multiple personality changes they subjected her to, calling it the most baffling thing he has witnessed.

Cornette believed that Evans should be a no-brainer choice for WWE, especially after top talents like Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley. He expressed his frustration at the missed opportunities and the lack of consistency in Evans’ booking.

“She’s great, she’s got the size, she looks great. She has the demeanor and the facials. She can talk like a b**ch. What a great heel she’s been. And then she disappeared again. And stop and start, back and forth. I don’t know. I don’t know what the problem has been, I don’t know why they have stopped and started this girl and gave her umpteen different personalities. It’s the most baffling thing I’ve ever seen.

She would be a no-brainer of anybody on the WWE female roster. Past Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley, Lacey Evans is the one that I would take next trying to figure out something to do with.”

The last time Evans was seen on WWE programming was on the March 24 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, where she teamed up with Xia Li but ended up losing to Natalya and Shotzi. She even got drafted earlier this month but there is simply nothing for her to do now. It remains uncertain when or if WWE will give Evans a proper opportunity to shine and showcase her abilities.

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