Lacey Evans Wears Red Leather In Bedroom Video

Lacey Evans took to her Instagram and uploaded a video of herself in red lingerie.




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Lacey Evans, who recently parted ways with WWE, had been regarded as a promising heel within the company, with her potential remaining largely unexplored. However, it appears that her time in the WWE was not without its share of conflicts, as she disclosed incidents of nearly getting into several backstage altercations following heated verbal exchanges.

Speaking candidly on the Power Alphas podcast alongside Mandy Rose and Tino Sabbatelli, Lacey Evans shared her experiences, expressing her refusal to tolerate disrespectful behavior from her colleagues, regardless of their seniority or experience. Evans highlighted her unwavering determination to stand her ground, asserting that she prioritized her self-respect and dignity above all else, even if it meant facing potential conflicts with other individuals backstage.

Reflecting on her journey within the WWE, Evans credited her resilience and strong work ethic for her success in the industry, emphasizing the importance of maintaining financial stability through investments in real estate and other business ventures. Her assertive mindset, she noted, was pivotal in navigating the challenges of her career, displaying a determination to confront adversities head-on without faltering.

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